Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Start of a New Age

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I'm 40 today and I feel I'm entering a new age. For much of my 30's I had been in denial about aging. I didn't want to know and often lied about my age but after turning 40, I want to be different.

I'm beginning to realise that life is limited. You only live so long and it's better to accept this and concentrate on the things you want to do. I want my 40s to be great and this is partly why I started this blog as I think good health will help a lot towards having a great life.

Also, I want to stretch myself over the next 40 days by taking 'comfort challenges'. These are challenges where you do things that you don't normally do. An example from strong>Tim Ferriss (general link) is lying on the ground in public.

I made sure I did one as the day turned from the 25th to the 26th(actually I'm 40 and 1 day in Taiwan but still 40 in some places in the world). I was at a Japanese bar with some friends and just before midnight I offered everyone at the bar a drink, so that we could all celebrate my 40th. It was great fun and I felt happy about turning 40. As it turned out, my friend paid the bill and one of the people at the bar, went out and got me a bottle of peach wine. Honesty pays!!

I'll post more about comfort challenges later and as I do them. To everyone, enjoy life! Don't worry about age, use it as force to get things done. Thanks


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