Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Health Audit

I did a health audit to see what things I'm doing right (or at least ok) and what things I'm doing wrong. I will follow this post up with goals for 2010 early next year.

My Health Audit



I do exercise 1 or 2 times a week
Eat a fairly healthy diet.
About the right weight for my height
Look a bit younger than my age, especially after the magic of a haircut.
Have about 95% of my hair still
I know how to play a lot of sports and consider myself physically capable of doing most things.
Don’t smoke
I've cut down on the total amount I drink
Get up early


Should exercise more
Drink to get drunk, when I do drink. I’ve tried, half-heartedly, to drink one beer and then one water but I haven’t so far found a way to drink moderately i.e. drink for enjoyment rather than to get drunk.
My body has unexplained aches and pains
Often feel lethargic



Still have dreams I want to fulfill.
Still curious about things.
Love traveling and have some hobbies.
Can speak and read some Chinese
Have done a lot of research on language learning
Creative and still make ‘art’ and am interested in doing ‘new’ things in the stuff I’m interested in.


My mind is pretty cluttered
Make slow progress towards goals
Don’t fully commit to things and goals
Rely on books too much for learning new skills, when doing and listening to people who can already do it, would be more time effective.
Tend to get ‘lost’ on the internet and end up wasting time and energy reading stuff that is irrelevant to my day and ultimately to my life.

Plan changes to improve

Stop reading the news and random stuff
Develop an internet protocol, where I do things first and ask myself do I really need to know this. Is this really that important to me.


Have a rough idea of what I want to do with my life.
Have an open mind
Believe that beliefs are just that.


I don’t firm up my believes and have no daily routine to keep myself focus on what I want to do.


Used to eat a very healthy diet that easily had ‘5’ fruit and veg a day.
Eat a reasonable diet that contains greens, some fruit and a mixture of white and red meat and seafood
Recently stopped drinking fizzy drinks.


Don’t drink enough water. Much prefer tea, coffee and beer over it.

Do the thing I've overlooked an area in my health audit? Have you done something similar? What health objects are you working on?

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